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It is Africa's leading automotive filter brand and has been manufacturing premium quality automotive parts for over 60 years.

By fitting GUD filter, you are assured of peace of mind and it lasts for the required service interval with product warranty.

As you battle heavy traffic daily, it takes a huge toll on your vehicle but GUD filter handles all that by restoring your engine health.

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Oil Filter

GUD oil filters have been manufactured using superior materials and made to work under tough conditions. The main function of a car's oil filter is to filter grime and other contaminants out of the vehicle's engine.

If impurities enter the oil, your engine's life will be severely compromised.

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Fuel Filter

GUD fuel filters ensures high efficiency filtration, providing clean, filtered fuel and great engine protection. GUD manufactures a range of fuel filters including spin-on, multiport, metal free and EFI filters.

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Air Filter

A GUD quality air filter performs two vital functions: It prevents dust and grime from entering the engine and mechanical wear in the combustion chamber. GUD air filters use only the highest quality media, which ensures a long filter life and excellent dirt holding capacity.

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Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters are designed to stop dust, dirt and unpleasant odours from entering the cabin of your car. In addition, a clean cabin air filter ensures excellent air circulation, preventing fogging up windows while driving.

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