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Do you know?

  • Proper guaging of tyre can save up to 4% fuel consumption
  • Over-inflation of tyre when travelling on the highways is a possible cause of accident.Tyres over-inflate on high ways
  • Regular checking of wheel alignment & balancing can save you the cost of changing your tyre
  • Regular checking of your engine can save cost of major vehicle maintenance

Automatic Fits and Energy services range from vehicle maintenance and safety, to energy supply through petroleum product distribution and renewable energy, to distribution and supplies of trackers, alignment machinery, tyre changers and various solar products.

Sales, Supplies & Servicing of Fasep Machinery

Automatic Fits and Energy is sole distributor of fasep supertracker machinery in Nigeria. These include:

  • Supertracker Laser Aligner
  • Supertracker Tyre Changers
  • Supertracker Wheel Balancers/Aligners

We also carryout after sales training, maintenance and support for Fasep products

Our major services include:

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