Intelligent digital security and surveillance (DSS) solutions have the power to augment human resources and deliver comprehensive security. But that’s not all. Today’s DSS solutions have the intelligence to help drive informed business decisions in areas ranging from enhanced security and loss prevention to the analysis of retail store traffic for optimal product placement. Intelligent DSS solutions include an ever-expanding range of video appliances used for physical security, intelligent traffic management, emerging business intelligence applications, and many other video analytic-based applications.

We bring knowledge, experience and cost effective solutions in the digital surveillance market. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and great value. We thrive to ensure that our clients will receive the most cost effective and professional service. As experts in Security and digital tracking solutions and automobile repairs and maintenance, we provide integration and ease of use and control. We are involved in every stage of project from design to completion, plus offering continual functional and technical support. Our tracker solutions cover these areas: vehicle, asset, pipeline and vessels.

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